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Congressman Tom MacArthur

Representing the 3rd District of New Jersey

Congressman Tom MacArthur’s Statement on The American Health Care Act

March 24, 2017
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Tom MacArthur issued the following statement after the American Health Care Act didn’t come to a vote.

When the American Health Care Act was first introduced, I grappled with whether I would support it.  But I didn't run for Congress to be an obstructionist or to decorate a fancy chair - Washington has enough of those people already - I worked to constructively improve the legislation,” said Rep MacArthur.  “I’ve always said that this has to be about people, not politics. My wife and I had a special needs child in our early twenties and we had over one million dollars of medical bills when she died at the age of eleven. Without insurance, our life would have had a terrible blow before we even got started. I am committed to helping every American get the health insurance they need.”


“Over the past weeks, I worked with President Trump, Vice President Pence, Speaker Ryan, HHS Secretary Tom Price and Members of Congress with different views, about my concerns. I offered and fought for specific improvements that needed to be included in the legislation in order for me to support it.”


“I successfully worked for $60 billion in additional funding for older and disabled Americans in Medicaid and made sure that everyone in Medicaid Expansion - including over 500,000 New Jerseyans - could remain there permanently with a full federal match.  I proposed and gained a $90 billion increase in the healthcare tax credits for Americans in the 50-64 age group.  These additional credits were intended to help this group, which struggles with among the highest health insurance costs.  And late Thursday, just before the scheduled vote, I was able, along with others to secure an additional $15 billion to help young mothers and those struggling with mental and substance abuse disorders.”


“In total, we committed an additional $165 billion dollars to the most vulnerable among us. But this was never about money. Despite all the fear and confusion over this bill, I worked to make it better for people - those I represent and all Americans."


“This bill was not perfect—no bill is—but it was a dramatic improvement from where it started.   It didn't have enough votes to pass, but I stand by my efforts to improve it.  The only way we’re going to repair our broken health care system is if we work together to fix the problem.  Just saying no, which requires no effort at all, or pointing the finger of blame at others is of no value. It is time for action together.”